March 20 Holiday

March 20 Holiday, Birthday of Benito Juárez.

(March 21, 1806 – July 18, 1872)

  • When he was a child he worked as a shepherd and later as a servant in the house of the Maza family, parents of Margarita Maza, who years later became his wife. He married the adoptive daughter of his first employer, when she was 17 and he 37….they had 12 children.
  • He is the shortest president worldwide and throughout history, since he only measures 1.37 centimeters.
  • He was named the “Benemeritus of the Americas” was worldwide recognized.
  • Benito Juárez was on the jail for helping some poor natives people from Loxicha who asked him to defend them from a Catholic priest who demanded gifts and personal services without being subject to any payments.
  • The name of Benito Juárez has been used to name streets, capitals, cities, municipalities, ejidos, schools, theaters, universities, restaurants, housing units, and even speech contests.

For this reason we will not work next Monday, March 20, to return to our activities on Tuesday, March 21.

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