Medical Gas Manager Network

In the following Link you will be able to have access to the Medical Gas Alarm Manager System.

Previously, UTP CAT 5 (minimum) network wire must have installed to all ARIGMED´s Medical Gas Alarm Zone interconected in Serial mode, with the Medical Gas Master panel and Arigmed´s Ethernet interface, sytem will need a high speed good quality internet.

Annual license must be required, our staff could assign you a username and password access, with your email adress register you can receive alerts of the medical gas system manager automatically.


  • Select the link, once you will be redirected to the external HTTP adress, enter your username and password to access to the system.
  • In the menu navigation you have environment view of your medical gas alarm system network, there you can have access to the alarm history files on real time, as well you can make download of files.
  • If you did NOT acquire the license rights, the system will not allow the access.
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