The importance of a Product certificate!

What does the UL mark mean on a product? UL refers to “Underwriters Laboratories”, a leading independent organization that tests and certifies product safety. UL safety certifications are considered Top-Rated in the world because their testing process is more rigorous and comprehensive. than other certifications in various areas in an important way. Why should a Medical Headwall complies with an international certification? As in any equipment that is used to support or protect the life of the patient, the patient headrests must comply with certifications and standards that guarantee proper functionality for that purpose. This certification ensures that even though all headend components (electrical and medical gas) are UL Listed separately, together they can operate properly, avoiding the risk to customers of acquiring low-quality assembled equipment. What are the tests that apply to Medical Headwalls for the UL standard? The product safety tests that are carried out separately are:
  • Electrical safety.
  • Fire safety.
  • Mechanical security.
Also included is extensive testing of materials for:
  • Longevity
  • Endurance
  • Durability
Unfortunately, in many countries and in Mexico we do not yet have a specific quality standard such as the UL for patient headboards, which has generated the emergence of brands of patient headboards without adequate verification of compliance with basic quality standards, regardless of whether these equipment devices with U.L. marking are used “separately” and as an “integration” in their patient bedside, therefore this integration “together” does not necessarily make comply with the patient bedside with a minimum quality standard. We recommend that you look for trademarks registered and labeled with the UL standard, in this way the hospital ensures that this equipment complies in an outstanding way. with all the necessary norms and standards.
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