4 Segment Led Display Medical Gas Alarm Zone

To quote, you must specify as follow:

  • Number and type of medical gas that you need in the alarm.
  • Wall depth to embedding box (10cm/14cm)
  • If the medical gas alarm zone will be connected to a network system


4 Segment Led Display Medical Gas Alarm Zone for high and low pressure detection Model SERIES 2 with green numeric segment display screen, available only to wall mount, meeting NFPA99-2015.


  • ABS thermopalstic plastic injection meeting NFPA 286, galvanized steel sheet mounting chasis made.

Gas Number:

  • To 1 and up to 6 Medical Gas Modules Simultaneous in the alarm zone.

Graphics and Visual signals:

  • Pressure and Vacuum readings with 4 segment numerical display in green color on Real time.
  • High visibility green LEDs for normal status.
  • High visibility LEDs with intermittent flashing red color for high and low pressure alarm events.
  • “ERROR" code on the nuemric display for disconnections and crossing of medical gas sensors.
  • High visibility green color LED to indicate alarm´s power supply.

Alarm Events:

  • High and Low pressure alarm events on real time.
  • Signal interruption (disconnection) of medical gas sensors event alarm.
  • Exchange or cross connection of medical gas sensors event alarm.


  • Data dry contact relay type port by each medical gas module on the alarm.
  • RS485 communication protocol in SERIAL mode to connect with alarm zone groups and Arigmed´s SERIES 2 Relay master panel alarm.

Requests from Factory:

  • PSI standard units by the factory, for modification to BAR you must request in advance from the factory.


  • Alarm buzzer sound cancel button, with a re mider after 1 hour in case the pressure or vacuum has not normalized.
  • Test button of the alarm system.


Medical Gas alarm zone require the follow complementary devices:
  • Wall box embedding (10 cm, 14 cm)
  • Female DISS CGA-V5 check valve coupling piping
  • Male DISS CGA-V5 medical gas sensor
  • 110-220v 50/60 Power supply
To a Network System Require the follow complementary devices:
  • Arigmed Realy Type Master Panel Alarm
  • UTP CAT6 data wiring on SERIAL type connection with medical gas alarm zone to the arigmed medical gas relay type master panel.


Medical Gas Alarm Zone Led display Model 2019_1
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