Oxygen Generator System

Made in France.

*To Mexico only: System available use like secondary oxygen source, added to cryogenics liquid oxygen primary source.

*Other Countries: Use like main or Primary oxygen source.

*Factory does Not be responsable by malfunction system due lack of maintenance.

*For a formal quote you must provide valid information (Name, full address, email, telephone, country, postal code).


MILs France PRO 2 XY Medical Oxygen Generators System with VPSA technology, allow the production of oxygen on site, the system includes the CE class IIB mark and complies with ISO 7306-1 version 2016, European pharmacopoeia OXYGEN 93 and the NF S95-175.

Outlet Pressure:

  • Production systems generate a pressure of 174.01 PSI (12 bar) for a two-stage network.

Oxygen Purity:

  • It is a reliable backup system for oxygen providing a purity of 95% ± 1%.

Additional accessories:

  • To ensure that hospital sites are completely autonomous in their oxygen reserves, a high pressure cylinder filling system can also be included for safe use, configured in a ramp or rack with the vacuum cleaning process.


  • PTR steel structure in electrostatic powder paint finish.
  • Indoor Use Only.

Storage tanks receiver:

  • Carbon Steel Manufactured meting ASME specifications, powder coating finish.
  • ASME stamp optional.
  • For Air Medical Grade Stage 1.
  • For Oxygen Production at 174 PSI or 12 Bar Stage 2.
  • For direct supply to the hospital oxygen piping network at 174 PSI or 12 Bar Stage 3.
  • Do not use oil.
  • Operation and maintenance personnel must be certified to Oxygen generator system operation.


  • Medical Air compressor system Oil-free SCROLL technology 112-114 PSI maximum pressure with REGERATIVE-type Air Dryers and filters, system for delivery of DRY and OIL-FREE Air with -4 ° C Dew Point and Up to 10 PPM of Carbon Monoxide, Includes STEP 1 storage tank.
  • VPSA Oxygen Generation System (separates oxygen from nitrogen and other gases).
  • Oil free and oxygen compatible vacuum pump.
  • Oxygen storage tank Stage 2.
  • Oxygen Compressor (Booster) for 174 PSI or 12 Bar.
  • Oxygen storage tank for 174 PSI or 12 Bar, Stage 3.
  • Carbon Monoxide Concentration <300ml / m3
  • Oil Concentration <0.1mg / m3
  • Water Vapor Concentration <67ml / m3
  • Nitrous gas concentration NO / NO2 <2ml / m3
  • Sulfur dioxide concentration SO <1ml / m3.
  • Oxygen Compressor (Booster) for 2900 PSI or 200 Bar.
  • Cylinder filling system in RACK Transportable cylinder filling system with CGA connection points for each cylinder with automatic non-return closing valves (check) made of brass.
Connecting Arches for Cylinders:
  • Oxygen: Flexible type of Copper tube CGA 540 connection.
  • Power supply 220 V 50-60 Htz.
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