Medical Gas Automatic Manifold

To Quote, you must specify as follow:

  • Medical Gas Type
  • Cylinder Number by each header
  • Cabbinet enclosure Type (Indoor, weatherproof)


Medical Gas full Automatic Manifold to medical applications, complies with NFPA99-2015 and ASTM B819 (clean for oxygen use).


  • In door
  • IP56 Weatherproof

Control System:

  • High speed electronic PCB with 7 " full color LCD display, touch screen control.
  • 110-220 vac normally open electric valve.
  • Non-return valves
  • 4-20Map high and low pressure transducers


  • High and Low pressure Display readings primary and secondary cylinder headers in real time.
  • High and Low pressure Display readings of main supply medical gas in real time.
  • Pressure Units.
  • Alarm signals.

Signals (Alarms):

  • Low pressure of Medical gas Manifold
  • High pressure of Medical gas Manifold
  • Alternative or External pressure source supplied in the Medical gas Manifold.
  • Leak Detection of reserve header (20% decrease in static pressure).
  • Switchover Detection of primary to secondary cylinder header and vice versa.

By-pass System:

  • 2 low pressure final line regulators with manual isolation of stainless steel ball valves (one regulator  in use and the other in reserve).

Over-pressure and vent valve system:

  • Interconnected pipe circuit system protection relief valves, oriented to the exterior of the cabinet manifold.


  • 5 relay connection output alarm signals ports to connect with the medical gas master panel.

Emergency Ports:

  • Located after the end line regulators and low pressure only.
  • DISS DEMAND CGA V-5 coupling according to the medical gas of Manifold.

Pressure Gauges:

  • High and low pressure analog type.
  • Do not use Oil and its Derivatives.
  • Operation and maintenance personnel must be certified for the manifold safe operation.


Cylinder Headers:
  • 3,000 PSI working pressure brass pipe made.
  • CGA connection points for each cylinder with self-closing non-return valves (check) brass made.
  • Manual master valve to opening and closing control of the primary and secondary cylinder headers.
Connection Cylinder Gas Pigtails:
  • Oxygen: Flexible Copper pipe CGA 540 connection.
  • Other Non-Corrosive Gases: Flexible PTEF hose with stainless steel mesh covering and lifeline, in CGA connection for the specific gas.
Available for:
  • High Pressure Gas Cylinders Only
Available for the following Gases:
  • Medical Oxygen
  • Medical Air
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Nitrogen
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Helium
  • Argon
  • 100-220 V 50-60 Htz. power supply.


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