Medical Gas Master Panel Alarm Relay Type

To quote you must specify as follow:

  • Number of signals of medical gas master panel,10 signals minimum up to 60 signals maximum, only in 10 signals multiples available.


Medical Gas Master Panel Alarm Relay type, available only in wall mounted cabinet.

Mounting Cabinet:

  • Aluminium special extrude profile 6063 T5 alloy made, powder coating finish.
  • To Wall mount Only.

Number of Signals:

  • 10 Module signals and up to 60 module simultaneous signals in the Medical Gas Master Panel Alarm Relay type (10 module signals minimum and of 60 module signals maximum for a single cabinet).

Visual and Sound Signals:

  • High visibility green LEDs for normal status in each signal module.
  • High visibility red LEDs for alarm events in each signal module.
  • High visibility green LED to indicate that the alarm is energized.
  • Audible buzzer for alarm event only cancellable on site.

Alarm Events:

  • Abnormal event detection of each signal in real time.


  • Data dry contact relay port for each relay type zone alarm.


  • Cancel button to sound alarm, a remind after 1 hour in case the alarm status has not normalized.
  • Test button to the alarm system.


Require complementary devices:
  • Wall mount connection back box (inlcude)
  • Wiring data network with Relay type output signal devices (medical gas alarm zone groups or source medical gas equipments) wire AWG 14  THW type, point to point wired no splices allowed. Wire gauge can be change depending of distance between the medical gas master panel and network relay output signal device equipments. (Not include)
  • Power supply 110-220V 50-60Htz


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