Medical Gas Valve Box

To a Quote, must specify as follow:

  • Medical valve box deep (10cm / 14cm)
  • Diameter, gas type and number of valves by each Medical gas valve box


Medical Gas Control Valve Box, meeting NFPA99-2015.


  • 3-piece brass made with welding ports, stainless steel ball with PTEF seals.
  • To 600 W.O.G (water, oil, gas)
  • “L" or “K" type copper pipe extentions
  • 1/4 turn lock lever

Pressure and Vacuum Gauges Coupling Ports:

  • Brass Made.
  • 1/4 ”female straight thread for both sides of the valve.

Pressure and Vacuum Gauges:

  • 1 1/2 “dial size back connection, sight glass, carbon steel case in black color powder coatong finish / stainless steel case optional (upon request).


  • Positive 0-11 kg/cm2 (0-160 PSI)
  • Positive to Nitrogen and Instruemental Air 0-21 kg/cm2 (0-180 PSI)
  • Negative 0-76 cmHg (0-30"Hg)

Pressure and Vacuum Gauges Case Cover Protection:

  • PVC injection made, I.D. of medical gas color.


  • Stainless Steel I.D. with gas type and vacuum (medical or Wagd), nomenclature and color according to NFPA99-2015 for each valve, as well as a graphic indicator of the flow direction.

Valve Box:

  • Galvanized steel sheet made, white color powder coating finish.
  • High resistence ABS plastic injection plugs to copper pipe isolated with galvanized steel box.
  • Standard medical gas valve box measures according with the number of valves to be contained in the box.


  • Folding: Galvanized steel sheet made, white color powder coating finish, 3mm transparent acrylic window with folding steel hinges and magnetic closure device.
  • Removable: 2mm clear acrylic sheet made.


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