4 Segment Led Display Medical Gas Alarm Zone

To quote, you must specify as follow:

*Number and type of medical gas that you need in the alarm.

*Wall depth to embedding box (10cm/14cm).

*Medical gas alarm zone will be connected to a network system.


4 Segment Numeric green color Led Display Medical Gas Alarm Zone to high and low pressure detection Model SERIES 2 , available only to wall mount, meeting NFPA99.


  • ABS thermopalstic plastic injection meeting NFPA 286, galvanized steel sheet mounting chasis made.

Gas Number:

  • To 1 and up to 6 Medical Gas Modules Simultaneous in the alarm zone.

Graphics and Visual signals:

  • Pressure and Vacuum readings with 4 segment numerical display in green color on Real time.
  • High visibility green LEDs for normal status.
  • High visibility LEDs with intermittent flashing red color for high and low pressure alarm events.
  • “ERROR" code on the nuemric display for disconnections and crossing of medical gas sensors.
  • High visibility green color LED to indicate alarm´s power supply.

Alarm Events:

  • High and Low pressure alarm events on real time.
  • Signal interruption (disconnection) of medical gas sensors event alarm.
  • Exchange or cross connection of medical gas sensors event alarm.


  • Data dry contact relay type port by each medical gas module on the alarm.
  • RS485 communication protocol in SERIAL mode to connect with alarm zone groups and Arigmed´s SERIES 2 Relay master panel alarm.

Requests from Factory:

  • PSI standard units by the factory, for modification to BAR you must request in advance from the factory.


  • Alarm buzzer sound cancel button, with a re mider after 1 hour in case the pressure or vacuum has not normalized.
  • Test button of the alarm system.
4 Segment Led Display Medical Gas Alarm Zone


Medical Gas alarm zone require the follow complementary devices:
  • Wall box embedding (10 cm, 14 cm)
  • Female DISS CGA-V5 check valve coupling piping
  • Male DISS CGA-V5 medical gas sensor
  • 110-220v 50/60 Power supply
To a Network System Require the follow complementary devices:
  • Arigmed Realy Type Master Panel Alarm
  • UTP CAT6 data wiring on SERIAL type connection with medical gas alarm zone to the arigmed medical gas relay type master panel.
Effects on the Equipment operation that must be avoided:
  • Voltage variations in the electrical power supply.
  • Main power supply with emergency power plants.
  • Intermittent Power supply (power lost and regained often in a short time).
Installation recommendations:
  • Check ground connection (to protect from unwanted discharges).
  • Install a system against voltage variations and power backup (Non-Break).
  • Install a system with a surge suppressor (against power surges and discharges).


Medical Gas Alarm Zone 4 Segments.
General Connection Sample Relay type Segments Alarm.
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