Medical Gas Line Valve

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Medical gas line valve, meeting ASTM B819 (clean for oxygen use) and NFPA99.


  • 3-body brass injection and welding ports made with PTEF seals.
  • Stainless steel ball valve.
  • 1/4 turn and lock device.
  • For 600 WOG (water, oil, gas).


  • “L” or “K” copper pipe extensions.
  • 1/4 ”female NPT brass thread coupling ports made for both sides of the valve. (Emergency supply sources coupling and pressure and vacuum gauges ports).
  • Does not include pressure and vacuum gauges.
  • Does not include locking devices.
  • Does not include signage.
  • All these items must be supplied by ASSE6010 certified installer.
Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Valves


  • “L” or “K” copper piping extensions, meets ASTM B819 clean for oxygen use.
  • Coupling ports for pressure or vacuum gauges, (pressure and vacuum gauges are not included in the valve).
  • To main, secondary and upright medical gas pipelines.
  • Medical Gas exclusive use.
  • Diameters: 13mm-1/2″, 19mm-3/4″, 25mm-1″, 32mm-1 3/4″, 38mm-1 1/2″, 51mm-2″,
  • Diameters: 64mm-2 1/2″, 75mm-3″, 100mm-4″ are subject to availability and extraordinary delivery time, consult with the factory.


Medical Gas Line Valve.
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