Medical Gas Semiautomatic Manifold

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*Medical Gas Type.

*Cylinder Number by each header.

*To Manifold configuation, dowload the equipment sheet formulary, click here and fulfill the form, attach it providing valid information (name, full address, email, telephone, country, zip code).


Medical Gas Semiautomatic Manifold to medical applications, first cylinder header change in automatic mode by pressure difference, subsequent header changes in manual mode, all switchover cicles designation by main supply cylinder header selector lever, complies with NFPA99 and ASTM B819 (clean for oxygen use).

Mounting Plate:

  • In door use only
  • Carbon steel sheet 18 gauge made, powder coating finish.
  • Availabel in stainless steel sheet 18 gauge (upon request).

Control System:

  • PCB electronic system with high bright LEDs visual indicators for manifold operating modes.
  • Backflow valves (checks) between cylinder headers to pressure diffrerential control.
  • High pressure 4-20Map transducers to primary and secondary cylinder headers.

Visual Signals:

  • USE-READY-EMPTY condition with high bright LEDs visual indicators for each cylinder header (primary and secondary).

Bypass System:

  • 2 Low pressure final line regulators with stainless steel ball valves manual isolation (one regulator in use and the other in backup).

Overpressure and Vent Valve:

  • Low pressure stage relief valve located before manifold outlet to protect the main pipe medical gas source.


  • 1 Relay type output connection to medical gas master panel alarm, notify a cylinders header switchover.

Emergency Port:

  • Located in the low pressure stage before the outlet of manifold.
  • DISS DEMAND CGA V-5 inlet coupling port, according to the medical gas manifolds.

Pressure Gauges:

  • High and low pressure analog type.
  • Do not use Oil and its Derivatives.
  • Operation and maintenance personnel must be certified for the manifold safe operation.
  • Quality and Medical Gases Purity Degree, as well condition of containers, cylinders and their connections will be always responsibility of the medical gases supplier.


Cylinder Headers:
  • Modular Assembly.
  • Red brass tube special extrusion SPS alloy 23000, H58 Drawn temper made, complies with ASTM B-43-98, ASTM B-819 (Clean for oxygen use) 3,000 PSI working pressure.
  • CGA connection points for each cylinder with self-closing non-return valves (check) brass made.
  • Manual master valve to opening and closing control of the primary and secondary cylinder headers.
Connection Cylinder Gas Pigtails:
  • Oxygen: Flexible Copper pipe CGA 540 connection.
  • Other Non-Corrosive Gases: Flexible PTEF hose with stainless steel mesh covering and lifeline, in CGA connection for the specific gas.
Available for:
  • High Pressure Gas Cylinders Only
Available for the following Gases:
  • Medical Oxygen
  • Medical Air
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Nitrogen
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Helium
  • Argon
  • 100-220 V 50-60 Htz. power supply.
Wire type network system connection:
  • Belden STP (Shield Twisted Pair) #8461ZH or #8208.


Medical Gas Semiautomatic Manifold.
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