Non Corrosive Gas Semiautomatic Manifold

To Quote, you must specify as follow:

  • Lab Gas Type
  • Cylinder Number by each header
  • To serve in case of Cryogenics (Oxygen or Nitrogen)


Non corrosive gas semiautomatic Manifold, first automatic header change by pressure difference and all folling header changes in manual mode. Manifold used mainly in laboratory applications to non corrosive mixes and gases (do not use acetylene), 3000 psi pressure inlet and 0-200 psi main line pressure outlet.

Relay type pressure transmitters to each cylinder header, and led lights indicators to manifold local signals, power supply 110-220v, includes a relay output for data transmission to master panel.

Relief valves to high and low pressure manifold stages, analog gauges and by pass valve system to isolate the main line supply pressure regulator system. Also includes header service selector lever.

Indoor Use only


Cylinder Headers:

  • High pressure brass piping made, 3000 psi working pressure, brass injection cast valve base, header cylinder valve meeting CGA code.
  • Check valve includes on the header cylinder valve.
  • Master valve include by each header.

High Pressure Pigtails:

  • Oxygen: Flexible brass piping made 3,000 psi working pressure
  • Other Non Corrosive gases: Flexible PTEF hose stainless steel mesh coating and safety spring.
  • Cryogenics: Flexible rubber cryogenic hose

Available to:

  • High pressure gas cylinders
  • Liquid Cryogenic


  • Oxygen
  • Industrial Air
  • Nitrous Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Helium
  • Argon

Power Supply:

  • 100-220V 50-60Htz.


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