Telescopic stainless steel ceiling column, includes a electric motor 8Kn force, 220v power require, to organizes medical Gases, electrical, data, to optimizing space in surgery room areas improving a better attention by medical staff, includes pre-assemble medical gas copper hoses and piping, electrical and data wiring.


  • Stainless steel sheet 304-P3, 18 gauge structure made, natural finish.
  • Fixed column includes a prismatic shape service head to Medical Gases and electrical outlets-inlet mount devices.

Electric motor:

  • 8Kn force , 220v power, 40cm run displacement, hand control case to choose different height position of telescopic coloumn.

Do not use chlorine and it’s derivates to clean the fixed Stainless steel ceiling column.


System Host Capacity:
  • Electrical outlets
  • Voice and Data
  • Medical gas outlets
  • Structure, natural stainless steel
  • Prismatic service head 0.40m x 0.40m
  • Different height configurations available (on customer demand)
Maximum load capacity:
  • 80kg
Electric Motor:
  • 8Kn force
  • Main Power 220v
  • 40cm run displacement


Ceiling Column Retractable and Fixed Model 2019_1
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