Thoracic Control Suction

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  • Coupling connector type to medical vacuum outlet


Thoracic type vacuum regulation control 0-30 Cm H2O Water column scale, made of brass in chrome finish, needle type regulation system with float locking device for use with 3 bottle system (water seal ).

Manufacturing Materials:

  • Body: Brass in Chrome finish.
  • Needle Regulating Valve: Brass.
  • Column: 6mm thick transparent acrylic, levels engraved in black silkscreen.
  • Seals: Latex Free.
  • Automatic Locking System: High impact ABS plastic injection float device made.
  • Threaded Ports: Brass in Chrome finish.
  • Relief Valve: Brass in Chrome finish.

Approximate Weight:

  • 382 g

Inlet Size:

  • 1/4 “

Column Coupling:

  • DISS CGA-V5 for Vacuum


  • 3/16 “Hose Barb

Column Scale:

  • 0 -30 cmH2O

Recommended Complementary Accessories:

  • Water seal jar
  • 2 collection jars with liquid traps.


  • Simple
Available outlets:
  • Hose barb 3/16″
Specific use:
  • Thoracic Vacuum
  • Requires the use of a water seal and vacuum traps in collection jars
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