Twin Medical Gas Outlet with Integrated Flowmeter and DISS CGA-V5 outlet, Manufactured in compliance with NFPA99 and ASTM B819 (Clean for use with oxygen) codes.

Primary Valve (Back Assembly):

  • Brass made Primary valve 360°rotation, copper piping extention “K" type 10mm (internal diameter).
  • Polypropylene injection ckeck valve.
  • Thermoplastic injection TPVs FDA grade seals.
  • Wall and Architectural (Patient Bedhead Units) Hardware Mounting Modular assembly, carbon steel sheet 18 gauge nickel finish made.
  • Ceiling Hardware Mounting Modular assembly available, upon request.
  • Stainless steel spiral locks.
  • “Pin-Guide" No cross connection safety system die-cut corresponding to a specific medical gas type to Rough-in assembly insertion.

Secondary Valve (Rough-in Assembly):

  • Stainless steel front plate made with brass feeding valve, it includes a twin plunger to fixed flowmeter and DISS outlet, fastening to the primary valve is by millimeter screws.
  • Automatic closing valve (check) made of brass only in the DISS CGA-V5 Secondary Outlet
  • Thermoplastic injection TPVs FDA grade seals.
  • ABS plastic injection trim wall plate chrome finish, same material to architectural equipments trim plate, chrome finish.
  • “Pin-Guide" No cross connection safety system corresponding to a specific medical gas type to Back-assembly reception.
  • zamak chrome finish trim wall plate option (upon request).
  • Flowmeter cannot be REMOVED to the medical gas outlet body by users or medical staff.

Compliance Connection:

  • CGA-V5 (Diameter Indexed Safety System)
  • NBR (Brazil)

Medical Gas DISS Outlet Flow:

  • 240 L.P.M. gas flow (if diameters of the main medical gas piping allow it).

Flowmeter Scale:

  • 0-15 LPM.
  • 0-8 LPM.

Available for:

  • Medical Oxygen.
  • Medical Air.

Load Capacity:

  • Maximum load capacity in secondary outlet (DISS): 450 g


Available only for:
  • Medical Oxygen
  • Medical Air
Use Criteria:
  • Use of Twin outlet with integrated flowmeter will prevent the Hospital’s operation and maintenance personnel avoid worry about compatibility of the coupling secondary oxygen and medical air equipments, therefore all types of plugs or couplings of the oxygen and medical air outlets will be standardized and normalized to a single type of plug.
  • Standard of plug corresponds to a “threaded” coupling with greater safety and reliability and complying with the specifications of the Compressed Gas Association (CGA-V5) for safety plugs of No Crossing Gases by Diameter Indexed Safety System (DISS)
  • You will avoid the accidental losses of oxygen and air flowmeters due to the constant connection and disconnection, since the “Non-removable” flow meter will be permanently coupled with the oxygen and medical air outlet.
  • Use of the secondary DISS outlet allows simultaneous use with other medical devices, such as other flowmeters, hoses and regulation valves.


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