Venturi Type Suction Device

To quote, you must specify the following:

  • Version Type (double or single)
  • Standard or Surgical Consumption
  • Connector type coupling with (it should include a connector for DISS CGA V-5 instrument air).
  • It will be the sole responsibility of the customer to use this device with any other type of flow other than that specified by the NFPA99-2015 code.


Venturi type pressure-vacuum suction unit with analog vacuum gauge, 50-55 psi working pressure with Maximum Vacuum scale available for standard Models of 0-450 mmHg with 150 L.P.M flow consumption, for Surgical models 0 -500 mmHg with 160 L.P.M flow consumption.

Manufacturing Materials:

  • Body: Aluminum in bright anodized finish
  • Needle Regulating Valve: Brass
  • Sprea: Brass
  • Relief valve: Brass
  • Muffler: High impact ABS injection in chrome finish
  • Vacuum Gauge: 1 1/2 “dial size, sight glass, 1/4" back connection, carbon steel case in black electrostatic powder coating finish / stainless steel case option.
  • Vacuum Gauge Protector: PVC injection in color.
  • Seals: Latex Free.

Approximate Weight:

  • Single version: 430 g
  • Double version: 897 g

Size inlet Connection:

  • 1/4 “


  • ASTM B819 (Clean for use with oxygen).

Vacuum Gauge Scale:

  • 0 -76 cmHg
  • 0 -30 “Hg


  • Instrument air at 50-55 psi working pressure.


  • Simple
  • Double
Available for:
  • Standard Model (Suction 0-450mmHg maximum)
  • Surgical Model (Suction of 0-500mmHg maximum)
Air Consumption:
  • Standard Model (150 L.P.M.)
  • Surgical Model (160 L.P.M.)



Maintenance Kit replacement



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