Terms and Condition of Sale 2024

Policies, Terms and Conditions of Sale to which the client or buyer is subject with full knowledge and accepts them at all times, desisting from any type of disagreement and subsequent claim.

For any transaction, the client or consumer is required to comply with the following provisions:

1. Making a “Purchase Order".

A “Purchase Order" document issued to Grupo Arigmed S. de R.L. is required by the client. de C.V., duly authorized by the interested party and with the following information:

● Name or company name

● Federal Tax I.D. Registry

● Current Date

● Complete Fiscal Address

● Verified Contact Data (emails, telephones)

● Detail of the equipment, materials and goods requested that are specified in the Quotation of Grupo Arigmed S. de R.L. de C.V.

● Unit value, quantities to request and total value of the “purchase order".

2. Prices, Validity and type of Currency:

The Prices, Validity and type of Currency are those specified in the “QUOTE" issued by Grupo Arigmed .S de R.L. de C.V., The prices are unalterable and fixed as detailed in the quote, expressed in unit price, type of unit and accumulated amount in their respective columns; Any extraordinary consideration in prices such as: discounts, packaging and foreign taxes or of any nature, will be expressed according to the specific case of each client or buyer and not necessarily.

The accumulated values of the equipment, materials and goods are reflected in the arithmetic operations to determine the total value of the “Quotation".

The prices are considered for only “Supply" of equipment, materials and goods, and delivered to our facilities in Tizayuca, State of Hidalgo, Mexico.

Prices may be subject to change without prior notice when the client or buyer has not formalized the acquisition or purchase of the equipment, materials and goods with the respective purchase order and the corresponding payment, likewise when the “Quotation" has exceeded a period of 15 calendar days of price validity from the date of issuance.

The type of currency will be specified in the total amount of the quote with number and letter.

For all equipment priced in US dollars (USD), the conversion value to national currency (Mexican pesos) will be specified by the Banco Nacional de México Interbank (Banamex) at the time of the current date of full or partial payment of the equipment, materials and goods.

3. Taxes:

16% value added tax is included only to customers or buyers with tax addresses in Mexico, any other type of tax will not be considered in the quote.

4. Delivery and Shipping:

Refer to the delivery and shipping policies.

5. Forms of Payment:

“All payments will be in the name and in favor of Grupo Arigmed S. de R.L. de C.V. for the total amounts of the quotes or budgets, and must be fully covered to process the delivery of equipment, materials and goods to the customer or buyer; Arigmed S. de R.L. Group reserves its right to retain the equipment, materials and goods in the event of non-compliance with the time and method of payment”.

All payments must be made by electronic transfer to the bank accounts of Grupo Arigmed S. de R.L. de C.V.

For payments with bank documents, they must be made by certified check and/or cashier’s check unless good collection, the release of the goods will be the next business day once the payment is reflected in the bank account.

For payment with VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit or debit cards, the notification of the departure of your goods will be once the payment has been released through the electronic terminal.

The commission generated by this type of payment is 3% of the total amount of the quote and is an additional charge that is not considered in the partial and total amounts of the quotes.

Payments with letters of credit are subject to the analysis of our accounting department to accept or deny their viability.

6. Total or Partial Payments:

Payments will be 50% in advance for the start of manufacturing of the equipment and 50% of the remainder against the notice of completion of manufacturing of the equipment, materials and goods of the total specified in the quotation.

Payments will be 100% in advance when specified in the corresponding section of “payment methods". Partial payments outside of the above schemes are not accepted.

7. Billing:

Tax invoices are subject to the provisions to the Tax Administration authorities Service in Mexico for their issuance and forms of delivery to the client (electronic invoice), likewise any tax mechanism for verification of taxes and amounts will be subject to the provisions of the Mexican tax regulations (charge notes, referrals, etc.).

Invoice can only be issued in favor of the client or buyer who has generated the payment thereof, and NOT in favor of a different third party.

The tariff fractions reflected in the fiscal invoice are definitive, any change generates the cancellation of the fiscal document and the client or buyer must pay the equivalent of 10 USD for the generation of the new fiscal invoice with the specified tariff fractions.

All Reinvoices have a charge of 10 USD or its equivalent in national currency (Mexican peso) at the time of the date it is made.

For billing on the last day of the month, it will be necessary for your payment to be reflected in our bank account before 2:00 p.m. If the payment is not reflected before the stipulated time, the invoice will be issued dated the immediately following month.

8. Patents:

Grupo Arigmed S. de R.L. is a registered trademark before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, any infringement for plagiarism of designs and BRANDS will be subject to the legal provisions based on the Law for the Protection of Industrial Property and the corresponding legal procedure in the national or international spheres.

9. Return of Equipment, Materials or Goods:

The return of Equipment, materials and goods is not accepted.

10. Guarantees:

Consult the Guarantee policies in the quote notes, as restrictions apply.

11. Total Cancellations and Return of Resources:

Once the mechanical guide and/or quote is signed, the cancellation of the works will cause a 20% penalty for the total amount of the quote, however, when there is an advance of more than 35% in the manufacture of the equipment, there will be no possibility of canceling the customer’s requirement. The cancellation of work for equipment that requires a signed mechanical manufacturing guide will cause a 20% penalty of the total amount of the quote, as long as the mechanical guide has not been authorized. The cancellation of works for teams that do NOT require a signed mechanical guide will cause a 20% penalty of the total amount of the quote.

The remaining resources, once they have been affected by the cancellation percentages in favor of the factory, will be returned to the same bank account of origin within a period of 30 business days.

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