Our Services

Our services are exclusively to the Medical Gases, we are specialist and focus organization on the subject.

We are factory, “Arigmed DOES NOT perform medical gas pipeline systems and equipment installations", we always recommend goes with “certified" personnel in the ASSE 6010 series (Medical gas system installer) and ASME Brazer IX (Welder qualified in oxy-acetylene) to our equipment installation.

It is very important that personnel certified in the ASSE 6010 ASME Brazer IX series perform Arigmed´s equipment install since the warranties are directly associated with a right installation.


We have personnel certified by the ASSE (American Association of Sanitary Engineers) in the 6000 series, by and authorized third party “NITC" (National Inspection Testing Certification) to medical gas piping systems, all designs will be meeting the NFPA 99-2016 code.

Qualified and certified personnel will execute design and adequate calculations of medical gas pipeline system, as well a correct capacities and specifications for medical gas equipments, saving cost to medium and long term to health institutions due to inadequate designs as well an erroneous specifications of equipment for the specialty.

Inspection and verifications

With certified personnel in the ASSE 6020 (Medical Gas Systems Inspector) and ASSE 6030 (Medical Gas Systems Verifier) series, we can perform medical gas piping system evaluations to establish safety and proper operation.


With personnel certified in ASSE 6040 (Maintenance personnel for medical gas systems), we can advise the personnel in charge of maintenance in hospitals for the preventive and corrective maintenance for Arigmed´s equipment with original spare parts.


We are distributors to medical and industrial vacuum systems and spiral air compressor units worldwide French Brand “MILS", with certifications and quality standards required at international level.

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