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“We are Manufacturers”

Our services are exclusively to the Medical Gases equipment manufacturing, we are specialist and focus organization on the subject with certifications in the quality management systems ISO 9001: 2015 (Medical Gas Equipment Design and Manufacturer) and ISO 13485: 2016 (Medical Devices).

“Arigmed DOES NOT Perform Medical Gas Equipments and Pipeline Systems Installations".

We always recommend goes with “certified" personnel in the ASSE 6010 series (Medical gas system installer) and ASME Brazer IX (Welder qualified in oxy-acetylene) to our equipment installation.

Warranties are directly associated with an Arigmed equipments appropriate installation, operation and maintenance.

We are MILS (France) Medical Vacuum Pump Representatives.

We are distributors for Mexico and part of Latin America of lubricated and oil-free Vacuum Pumps implemented in the medical, industrial, pharmaceutical and food sectors.

MILS has multiple international quality certifications and high technical standards for the Oxygen, Air and Vacuum equipment manufacture. MILS systems and equipments are 100% manufactured in France and the European Community.

We are HITACHI (Hiemex) Representatives

Arigmed, by owning an our equipments ISO 8573-1:2010 product certificate (Class 0, Compressed Air Treatment Equipment Specification), for Oil-Free Medical Grade Air applications, is a Distributor for Mexico of Hitachi Oilfree Scroll and Reciprocant air compressors, filters and air treatment systems and accesories.

HITACHI is a Japanese company with a global presence and multiple products and business divisions in many insdustry sectors.

Arigmed´s Oilfree Piston Type Air Compressors Manufacture

logo arigmedWith a wide manufacturing experience and with the implementation of the latest generation machinery, we manufacture our own oil-free reciprocating air compressors 1 and 2 stages, 100% made in Mexico. We use the best materials available in our industry and with the help of our suppliers of high-quality raw materials and sub-processed products, we have achieved a unit of compression that is resistant, effective and easy to maintain.

Medical Gas Projects, Inspections and Verifications.

With personnel certified in the ASSE (American Association of Sanitary Engineers) 6000 series, to medical gas piping systems, all designs will be meeting the NFPA 99 code.

Qualified and certified personnel will execute design and adequate calculations of medical gas pipeline system, as well a correct capacities and specifications for medical gas equipments, saving cost to medium and long term to health institutions due to inadequate designs as well an erroneous specifications of equipment for the specialty.

Arigmed´s Equipment Maintenance.

With ASSE 6040 certified personnel, we can advise to maintenance personnel in charge to preventive and corrective Arigmed´s maintenance equipment and systems with original spare parts.

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