Mix Oxygen Regulation Equipment

To quote the equipment, you must specify the following:

*Type of connector for the outlet of oxygen or medical air
*Flowmeter scale.


Mixed equipment for oxygen and medical air, includes a Medical flowmeter rotameter type compensated pressure 0-15 L.P.M and 0-8 L.P.M scales, with an average degree of uncertainty of 0.13% @ 55psi. and an Medical gases regulation needle valve with an analog pressure gauge, 50-55 psi. working pressure

Flowmeter Manufacture Materials:

  • Body: Brass in Chrome Finish
  • Needle Regulating Valve: Brass
  • Column and Scale: High impact transparent Polycarbonate injection
  • Seals: Latex Free.

Medical Gas Regulation needle valve Manufacture Materials:

  • Body: Aluminum in bright anodized finish
  • Needle Regulating Valve: Brass
  • Pressure Gauge (Manometer): 1 1/2 “dial, sight glass, 1/4" back connection, carbon steel case black color powder coating finish / stainless steel case option.
  • Pressure Gauge Protector: PVC color Injection.

Approximate Weight:

  • 750 g

Inlet Size:

  • 1/4 “

Flowmeter Scale:

  • 0-15 L.P.M
  • 0-8 L.P.M

Pressure Gauge Scale:

  • 0 -14 Kg / cm2
  • 0 -200 Psi

Complies with:

  • ASTM B819 (Clean for use with oxygen).


  • Medical Oxygen
  • Medical Air


Available Scales:
  • Oxygen flow meter 0-15 L.P.M. (for adult use)
  • Oxygen flow meter 0- 8 L.P.M. (for pediatric use)
Available Gases:
  • Medical Oxygen
  • Medical Air



Maintenance Kit replacement

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