Relay type SERIES 2 Medical Gas Master Alarm SERIES 2 Model, 7 " LCD full color Touch Screen display, embedded wall mount cabinet only meeting NFPA99.


  • 10-40 signs, ABS thermoplastic injection front meeting NFPA 286, galvanized steel sheet chasis mounting made, for embedding wall version.
  • 10-60 signs, aluminum extrusion profiles cabinet powder coating finish, for over mounted wall version.

Signal Capacity:

  • Wall Embedded Cabinet: Modules of 10 Signals and for a maximum capacity of 40 signals for each Master Alarm Panel of Relay Signals Model SERIES 2 (10 signals minimum and 40 signals maximum).
  • Wall mount cabinet: Modules of 10 Signals and for a maximum capacity of 60 signals for each Master Alarm Panel of Relay Signals Model SERIES 2 (10 signals minimum and 60 signals maximum).
  • To manage more than 60 signals, 2 alarms panels are required, and it is only available in a wall-mounted cabinet.


  • Flashing Alarms on each Signal indicating an “abnormal" condition.
  • “Normal" condition in each Signal (without alarm event).
  • Signal name display on 7 " touch screen.

Alarm Events:

  • “Abnormal" events detection in real time of any equipment or alarm connected with dry contacts or Relay communication technology.


  • Data output dry contact relay port 10 signal modules (with a maximum of 40 relay port signals in multiples of 10).
  • RS485 communication protocol in SERIAL to connect with zone alarm groups or equipment´s with dry contact or relay communication technology.


  • Editing the Signal Name.
  • Recommended for connection with medical gas supply plants (manifolds, cryogenic tanks and oxygen generators).
  • Recommended for connection with medical grade Air Compressors and Vacuum Pumps systems.


Requires the following complementary equipment:
  • Wall recessed box to data and electrical wires and block connections.
  • Power Input 110-220v 50/60 Htz.
  • Data connection system to medical gas alarm zone alarms and / or medical source equipment, Rele type block connections
  • 10-signal modules connection interface, with capacity up to 4 modules (40 signals)
  • UTP CAT 5 wire point to point without splices and to each medical gas alarm zone and / or medocal gas source equipment to the master panel alarm.
  • Until to 40 relay signals per panel in a cabinet version to be embedded in the wall.
  • Until to 60 relay signals per panel in cabinet version to be superimposed on the wall.
  • To manage more than 60 Relay signals, more than 1 panel (2 or more) will be required and only available in superimposed mounted cabinet.
  • Online edition available.
Effects on the Equipment operation that must be avoided:
  • Voltage variations in the electrical power supply.
  • Main power supply with emergency power plants.
  • Intermittent Power supply (power lost and regained often in a short time).
Installation recommendations:
  • Check ground connection (to protect from unwanted discharges).
  • Install a system against voltage variations and power backup (Non-Break).
  • Install a system with a surge suppressor (against power surges and discharges).


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