Medical-Surgical Vacuum System and Waste Anesthesia Gas Disposse (wagd) Oilfree Claw type, compliance with NFPA99 and another Codes.

Vacuum Pumps:

  • MILS Brand Vacuum Pumps made in France Oilfree Claw Technology ( 5 HP and 10 HP), SIRELLA Model with a 220v 60htz multi voltage direct drive electric motor, (other voltages must be notified in advance to the factory).
  • Certifications: C E

Vacuum Tank:

  • ASME standard Vacuum tank manufactured.
  • ASME stamped by the vacuum tank manufacturer.

Control Panel:

  • Electric – electronic Control Panel NEMA12 class cabinet to coordinate alternation sequences, simultaneous use and stop of vacuum pumps, as well, NFPA99 type alarms and local signals.
  • 7 " (inches) color touch-screen to control and display the operating status and alarms display of the package medical vacuum system.
  • Oil levels viewer (if apply) and high temperature pumps levels.

Filter System:

  • Anti-bacteria filters to protect the medical vacuum system, in duplicate.
  • Particle Filter (paper cartridge) to protect each vacuum pump on the medical vacuum system.

Data Relay Output:

  • It includes a data relay output (dry contact) for connection with the master panel alarm source equipment.

Designed for Use:

  • Medical, exclusive to Clinics and Hospitals.

Compliance Regulation:

  • NFPA99
  • To quote, user must be provide vacuum delivery in SFCM (Standart Cubic Feet per Minute) and geographical location with height according to the sea level uder the NFPA99-2015 and 2018 code
  • You must specify if the equipment will be used for the evacuation of anesthetic gases (WAGD).
  • Refer to the vacuum capacities SCFM@19"Hg in equipment´s data sheet.
  • Indoor Use Only.
  • The factory is not responsible in the case of equipment failure due to wrong calculation to size the equipment and lack of maintenance.


Vacuum Pump Technology:
  • Oilfree claw type (for Anesthesia Gas Evacuation)
Available power Sirella Series Oilfree Claw type:
  • 5 HP (3.72 kw)
  • 10 HP (7.45 kw)
Electric Motor Voltage:
  • 220v 60Htz
  • 380v 50Htz
  • 440v 60Htz
Available configurations:
  • Duplex
  • Triplex
  • Quadruplex
  • Fivetuplex
  • Sixtuplex
Code Alarms Included:
  • High Temperature
  • Vacuum Pumps Simultaneous Operation
  • Low Vacuum Level to transmission gearbox
Additional Alarms:
  • Maintenance Alarm


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