Medical Headwall System

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Medical HeadWall system, to organizes medical Gases, electrical, data and medical auxiliary supports to optimizing space in patient care areas improving a better attention by medical staff, includes pre-assemble medical gas copper piping, electrical and data wiring inside steel galvanized internal pipes covering.


  • Aluminium extrude profile 6063 T5 alloy, 2.5 to 3mm profile thickness meeting ASTM B-221-02 A/A structure made, natural aluminum anodized finish, Medical headwall structure includes vertical services track rails to slide and support of auxiliary medical equipment and devices by each side of medical headwall.

Front Panels:

  • MDF wood composite front panels 16mm thickness with decorative plastic laminate surfaces
  • Aluminium sheet powder coating finish surface) high pressure cold bending MDF panel glued, a phenolic or aluminum foil like fire retardant to back side of composite panel.


  • As a false wall overlaid with installations with a one service face.
  • As a false wall partition with a minimum depth of 10cm with one service face or with two service faces (both sides).

Mounting Accessory Holder on Vertical service rails with different configurations (Sliding Clamp and Articulated Arm) for:

  • I.V. Hook system supports.
  • Vital Signs Patient Monitor support.
  • Infusion Pump supports.
  • Vacuum Bottle holder support.
  • Medical Baskets.
  • Blood Pressure Gauges support.
  • Medical Auxiliary Equipment supports.

Color and finish to the front panels materials will be on customer’s demand in standard specifications of the factory.

  • All accessories and elements made of Stainless Steel should not be cleaned with “CHLORINE" or its derivatives, they could cause severe corrosion.
  • All accessories and elements made of Aluminium should not be cleaned with “CHLORINE" or “ACIDS" and its derivatives, they could cause severe corrosion.



  • 4 vertical service track rails by each side (8 rails total)

System Host Capacity:

  • Patient ligthing
  • Electrical outlets
  • Voice and Data
  • Medical gas outlets
  • Medical auxiliary equipment support


  • Structure, natural aluminium anodized (10 microns)
  • Color powder coating Aluminium front panels
  • Wood type imitation over Aluminium front panels ( 2 tones available)
  • Laminate surfaces color and finish front panels


  • 2.20m length x 2.40m high x 0.10m deep (deep unalterable dimention) minimum size to one bed services
  • For more bed services and different lengths on customer demand
  • Different configurations available (consult to the factory)

Maximum load Capacity:

  • 200 kg/m (kilograms per meter)


Medical Headwall Patient System Brochure.
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