Medical Gas Alarm Ethernet Module SERIE 2

To Quote you must specify as follow:

*Only compatible for use with the SERIES 2 Alarm Network system.

*Only available in a wall mounted cabinet.



Medical Gas Alarm Ethernet Module SERIE 2, available only in a case to be placed on a wall, complies with NFPA99.


  • Galvanized steel sheet made, powder coating finish.

Connection Ports:

  • VGA Out. (Data output)
  • RJ45 female. (Data inlet)


  • 110-220 VCA.


  • RS485 communication protocol in SERIAL connection for link with the master alarm panel.


  • To Send information and data to the arigmed website, to the medical gas network system viewer.
  • Only Compatible with the Arigmed SERIES 2 Alarm Network System.


It requires the following complementary equipment for its operation in connection with a network system with the Arigmed brand master alarm:
  • Cable Network System for data transmission with UTP CAT6 wire as a minimum, in serial connection with all Arigmed Series 2 zone alarms, and interconnected with one or more Arigmed Series 2 Master panel alarms.
  • SERIE 2 medical gas master panel alarm
  • Fixed Internet point access of good intensity and quality, HTML Web Site arigmed for monitoring on remote mode the medical gas manager system (Host on the medical gas manager may cause an extra costs). Through this system, users  will be able to receive a “real-time” notification email with the alarm event that has been generated in his system at an email address registered on the ARIGMED website for monitoring pressure systems. of medical gases.
  • 110-220 VCA power.
Maximum capacity of a networked system for the master panel and ethernet module:
  • 127 surgical medical gas or vacuum sensors.


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